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Bird Feed & Feeders  03/24/20 11:19:18 AM

West Michigan is a great place for enjoying a wide variety of wild birds.
Farmer's Co-op provides you with wild bird seed and feeders of the highest quality, so all you have to do is enjoy the view!


Specialty Mixed Wild Bird Seed Blends

All varieties available in 20# and 40# sizes.
Harmony Wild Bird Mix Buffet Wild Bird Mix Symphony Wild Bird Mix

Standard Mixed Wild Bird Seed Blends

All-Around available in 40# size, Custom No-mess available in 20# or 10# sizes.
All-Around Wild Bird Mix No-Mess Wild Bird Mix

A variety of straight seeds are also available:


  • Black Oil Sunflowers       
  • Stripe Sunflowers
  • Sunflower Hearts
  • Safflower
  • White Millet
  • Thistle Seed
  • Flax Seed
  • Oat Groats


Other products include:

  • Meal Worms 
  • Birdola Suet Cakes
  • Heath Suet Cakes
  • Hummingbird Nectar



Stop in and browse our selection of Bird Feeders!           

(Over 50+ different styles in stock!)

We carry feeders to attract many varieties of birds including sparrows, chickadees, cardinals, finches, humming birds, orioles and even butterflys!  

Select feeders from the following brands:



    Whether you feed them for the fun of it or simply to keep them away from your bird feeders, Farmer's co-op has the squirrel feeds that they love the most!
    Choose from a variety of different squirrel feeders, along with peanuts - split or in the shell, wildlife mixes, corn on the cob or shell corn.

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