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Pond Maintenance & Supplies  10/29/20 3:36:45 PM

Pond & Lake Maintenance:
  •  Pond Dye - Enhances the color of your pond or lake, filters light entering water to reduce algae growth
Crystal Blue Pond Dye AquaShade Pond Dye
  •  Bacteria - Helps naturally occurring bacteria to consume more nutrients, preventing them from remaining in the water and causing contamination.
Natural Pond Cleaner Pure Bacteria
  •  Algaecides - eliminates algae and reduces growth 
Crystal Plex Algae Control Cutrine-Plus Algaecide Cutrine-Plus Granular
  •  Herbicides - control aquatic weeds
Navigate Aquathol K Aquathol Super K

The key to effective weed and algae control is through weed indentification.  Using the right product to control a specific weed or algae is crucial and most economical in successfully treating your pond or lake.  Bring in your troublesome weed and we would be happy to help identify the weed and offer recommendations to treat properly.

For more information about the products we carry check out the following websites:

Sanco Industries - Crystal Blue - Natural Pond Cleaner, Crystal Plex, Catt Plex , Copper Sulfate, Water Soluble packs, Aerators

Applied Biochemists  - Aquashade, Cutrine Plus, Navigate, Restore

Organic Pond (Made in Michigan) - Pure Blue, Pure Black, Pure Bacteria, Clean-Clear-Blue

Pond Care - Algaefix, Accu-Clear
 Other products available:
  • Barley Pellets Plus
  • Barley Flakes
  • Surfactants
  • Aquatic Plant Fertilizer
  • Aerators  (special order)

Each Spring we have a "FISH DAY" for those interested in stocking or restocking their ponds.  You place an order for fish and they are delivered on site at our store.  Check out our calendar for the next upcoming date (usually in May).  
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